Are you too close to the problem & struggling to see the full scope?

Anywise can help implement a staff led process to aid in design and decision making. We call it Solutioneering.

If you place several people in a dark room with an animal and only allow them to touch one part of the animal, one person would feel the tail and believe that it belongs to a zebra, another might feel the skin and think rhino, and still, someone else might feel the trunk and believe that it’s a python.

A common theme in organisations is that they are often too close to their problem to be able to fully identify the full scope.

The observations are accurate, depending on position and experience, but what they lack is the full picture.

Anywise can help provide that full picture and reveal the truth – the elephant in the room. We call this Solutioneering. Using all the resources available to help solve a problem in a methodical, engineering based manner.


The team behind solutioneering

If you have a problem, if no-one else can help, and if you can find them, then maybe you can hire...The A-Team, ‘A’nywise.

Innovator and Entrepreneur, Adam Founded Anywise to solve complex challenges.


Managing Director

General manager and senior engineer, Steve brings commercial experience.


General Manager

Champion of staff led design and decision making. Ben brings military processes and discipline.

Director Operations North America



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Solutioneering... formed through experience

Our staff have decades of experience serving in the Australian Defence Force in a wide range of staff and command positions. We all understand that it is common for teams to struggle to identify their problems which often leads to decision paralysis or taking a templated path that is sub-optimal.

Our first commercial application of this model was a large complex acquisition project called Land 155.

This project was initially thought to be a low-risk project as it was seen as mostly replacing “like for like” to modernise Army’s combat bridges. During an Integrated Planning Team meeting in Canberra in 2015, over 50 participants in two days managed to work together to create a first of kind integrated schedule that included risk and opportunities from within the Commonwealth. The next phase of this was to overlay schedule information from the prime contractors.

Over the next 2 years, this allowed the project team to negotiate 4 Acquisition contracts and remain on schedule and under budget whilst continuously striving to retire risks early and seize opportunities. 

Agility and progress. Tom leverages Military and commercial experience for quick decisions.

Principal Consultant



Because the risks were agreed to in a collegiate manner, the path forward was easier to identify and walk together.

Empowering people to help identify risks and options to retire those risks ensures better outcomes. Ben Bridge refined this process while still in uniform.

Ben also provided support to AHQ staff and other projects within CASG to assist the capability manager to better frame their problems and establish refined and robust paths to field capability.

One of the most challenging applications of this approach was whilst supporting the Combined Joint Taskforce – Operation Inherent Resolve – the counter-ISIS mission.

This HQ based on a US divisional HQ was comprised of all five branches of the US military, 62 Troop contributing nations, was undertaking kinetic and non-kinetic operations in five countries and negotiating support from other US commands such as TRANSCOM, EUCOM,  AFRICOM and SOCOM.

Needless to say, there were often competing priorities that couldn’t be properly dealt with until they were all captured and the full scope of the problem had been agreed.

Helping to bring these groups together and agree on risks and opportunities was key in enabling operations in Syria – particularly the isolation and clearance of Raqqah – the last major population center of ISIS caliphate.

The use of an experienced facilitator to bring individuals, small teams or large groups together to share information, agree on risks and then work together to plan for success has been proven effective and can work for your business.

“It was common for teams to struggle to identify their problems which often lead to decision paralysis or taking a templated path that was sub-optimal.”

Ben Bridge
Director Operations North America

Solutioneering... how does it work?

Anywise provides an experienced multidisciplinary team to help organisations small and large to not only accurately scope and describe their problem but to help generate solutions to solve them.

This support is tailored and scaled to suit each unique situation some of the options to help describe problems include:

Once the problem has been scoped, Anywise can use an engineering mindset to develop solutions, this “Solutioneering” can also be scaled to suit the customer's requirements: 

Simple options analysis report; 

  • Use of specialists to generate options analysis report on behalf of the client;
  • Facilitated workshops internal to the company; 
  • Facilitated workshops involving specialists external to the client; and 
  • Follow up sessions/audits to track progress and make adjustments as needed.

The services can be used to solve immediate, short, medium, and long-term problems and help businesses solve simple or complex problems.

One on one video conference

One on One video conference with an Anywise team member.

Targeted group

Targeted group activity with senior executive members.

Scoping & problem definition

“Bottom-up” scoping and problem definition involving the broader team.

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